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    Rollcontainer Bisley NW352M7FF (2 Modelle)

    Rollcontainer Bisley NW352M7FF (2 Modelle)

    Artikelnummer: NW352M7FF

    Rollcontainer Bisley NW352M7FF (2 Modelle), H x B x T  645/651 x 300 x 565 mm, 2x Schublade für Hängemappen, mit Gegengewicht Note ... mehr

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    Höhe: 645 mm
    Breite: 300 mm
    Tiefe: 565 mm
    Gewicht: 29 kg
    Obere Platte: ohne obere Platte
    Ausführung/Variante: Rollcontainer
    Schubladenanzahl: 2
    Schubladenauszug: 100%
    Größe des Formats: DIN A4
    Tragkraft-Schublade: 17 kg
    Geschweißte Konstruktion: ja
    Garantie (Jahre): 5


    Code NW352M1FF
    Höhe 651 mm
    Breite 300 mm
    Tiefe 565 mm
    Gewicht 29 kg
    Obere Platte mit obere Platte
    Ausführung/Variante Rollcontainer
    Schubladenanzahl 2
    Schubladenauszug 100%
    Größe des Formats DIN A4
    Tragkraft-Schublade 17 kg
    Einheit(en) auf Zentrallager 0
    Preis (netto) 326.22 Eur

    Produktdetails und technische Daten

    Rollcontainer Bisley NW352M7FF (2 Modelle), H x B x T  645/651 x 300 x 565 mm, 2x Schublade für Hängemappen, mit Gegengewicht Note WVCW

    Rollcontainer Bisley NW352M7FF (2 Modelle)

    • mit oder ohne Dekorplatte
    • Hängemappen-Schublade Innenmaße: H x B x T 244 x 210 x 485 mm
    • Zentralschloss
    • 5x Rollen
    • Schubladen-Vollauszug 100%

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    We are pleased to announce that our new range, Bisley Essentials,  is now available to order!

    Here are all the key facts: Our new Essentials range is just that. A family of products that no office can function properly without.  It includes cupboards, tambour doors, lockers, drawers and combination units

    As you’ve known Bisley for a while, you’ll know that we have had, until the launch of this range, a number of product families at market-entry level – names you might recognise are AST, CST and A-series. We’ve now brought these together, and, with some product development, improvements and deletions, we now have one cohesive family of products which brings a bit more sense and order to our offering.

    Today’s storage needs were always at the front of our mind when we were developing Essentials. All the units are based around efficient storage of A4 folders and where applicable they come with the appropriate number of shelves as standard. The desk-high units accommodate two rows of practical filing with the option of extending the work surface. The combination units, with both lockers and drawers, are ideal for personal and team storage, as they provide individuals with a place to stow their own items and access team files all in one space efficient unit.

    Essentials range has a five year warranty; and whilst the whole range is available on standard lead-time there will be a quick-ship offer available in five days. To enable accurate installation and remove inconvenience onsite, factory-installed levelling feet are included as standard on all of the products – not common at this price point.

    Bisley Essentials Video

    BISLEY ESSENTIALS - katalog und pricelist
    Schränke und Registraturschränke BISLEY ESSENTIALS

    We’ll be happy to assist you with any questions about this range.

    BISLEY Showroom, 32 Dallington Street, London EC1V 0BB - virtual tour